One of the world’s largest breached credentials repositories

DISTRICT 4 LABS is a cutting-edge data business dedicated to building the open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools and technologies of tomorrow. We are proud to announce our flagship product: DARKSIDE. One of the world’s largest breached credential repositories, DARKSIDE is used by corporate investigators, intelligence analysts, and cyber consultants to mitigate risk and uncover critical intelligence.

40 billion records and counting

DARKSIDE includes billions of credentials collected over the past decade, and it continues to grow on a daily basis. This in-house repository has already proven invaluable in numerous investigations otherwise thought to be at a dead end. When our analysts identify a new breach, we will include it in the repository whether it contains 1 billion records or only 1 record, and we never throw anything out.

Our repository is available through an API that can easily integrate with in-house tools. Clients can take advantage of meticulously parsed and organized datasets in whatever format they prefer, and for analysts and investigators using Maltego’s link analysis tool, we offer a custom transform that seamlessly integrates with your instance and allows you to pivot off of identifiers to uncover critical information about a subject.


Cases that would otherwise end without answers have been broken wide open using data from the DARKSIDE repository. We work closely with attorneys, investigations firms, and law enforcement agencies to discover hidden social media accounts of the savviest threat actors.


Enhance your existing dataset with one of the world’s largest breached credentials repositories. Our API works seamlessly with a variety of industry platforms and our team will ensure integration goes as smoothly as possible.


Security teams and GSOC personnel can mitigate the risk of breaches and intrusions by gaining unparalleled insight into the deep and dark web. Our datasets can identify credential breaches for C-suite executives and other stakeholders, provide a holistic view of IP theft or organizational breach exposure, and alert staff when a password has been exposed on the dark web.

data collection

The DISTRICT 4 team leverages years of investigative and cybersecurity experience to collect valuable data sets from the deep and dark web on an ongoing basis. Rigorous collection and parsing processes ensure that all meaningful data is extracted from raw files and then indexed to allow for maximum flexibility and speed when conducting queries. Data sources include, but are not limited to:

types of pII

Any investigator or cybersecurity consultant knows that a single piece of data can prove to be the missing link in a chain reaction of associations that break open a case. We have built out DARKSIDE with an investigator’s mindset–a wide range of PII and rare pieces of data, not just the identifiers used most often in various data entry positions. Database PII includes:


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